You are diligent about managing your sugar and caloric intake. You have mastered the fine art of self control, but you still crave a little sweetness in your life. A little treat or goody now and then. Indulge your cravings without actually overindulging when you select from our fine assortment of sugar-free chocolates and candies. From the chocolate case, choose smooth and creamy Peppermint Thins, sweet and salty Almond Buttercrunch, pretty Fudge MeltawaysMilk Chocolate Caramel Domes, beautiful “crown topped” Cappuccino or Mint Truffles, or miniature Peanut Butter Cups. And don’t forget about Grandma’s World Famous Sucrose Free Fudge! This hard to find delicacy will delight the even the most discriminating palate. If chocolate is not your thing, try our Sugar Free Assorted Salt Water Taffy, individually wrapped assorted flavor Jelly Bellies, sugar free lollipops, or caramels. Many other sugar free items available by special order. Please inquire for pricing and additional selections.